Milos Fishing Tour

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Looking for an authentic experience? 


Milos Fishing Tour offers various options and excursion types, to enjoy fishing and swimming at famous locations accessible only by sea.

An activity suitable for all, Milos Fishing Trip is a unique way of visiting the island’s most enchanting settings. Join us for an amazing fishing experience aboard Anna Maria boat.


Swimming and fishing tours around
Milos Island and Kleftiko


Enjoy Greek hospitality

in Milos island, a unique place in Greece

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Milos Fishing Tour - Milos Fishing Trip
Milos Fishing Tour - Milos Fishing Trip
Milos Fishing Tour - Milos Fishing Trip
Milos Fishing Tour - Milos Fishing Trip

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Milos Fishing Tour offers a visit to the following places for fishing and swimming:

Kleftiko, Klima, Arkoudes, Sykia cave, Sarakiniko, Gerakas, Glaronisia,
Polyegos, Antimilos, Kimolos, Arkoudes, Polonia, Sulfur Mine, Gerontas, Paleochori, Agia Kyriaki

Milos Fishing Tour

A small family business

Many years of experience

Traditional fishing trips around Milos

Fishing Tours in

Small groups of 12 persons

Impressive beaches

Swimming in crystal-clear blue waters

Fishing and swimming with Anna Maria boat

in Milos island


Milos Fishing Tour offers:


Small group tours

Private tours

Tours on request

Tours adjusted to your needs

Ask for it and we will arrange for less fishing and more sightseeing or private swimming
at beautiful beaches around the island.

Milos Fishing Tour important notice:

Fishing tours may change due to weather conditions.

Greek Summer is a State of Mind

Small group fishing trips

in Milos island

Milos Fishing Tour

Milos Fishing Experience



  • Impressive beaches of volcanic origin with crystal-clear waters, platinum sandy beaches, pebble beaches, amidst white, red, gold, or black rocky settings.
  • An unforgettable fishing and swimming experience around Milos island.
  • Sailing along the scenic coastline and fishing aboard our professional fishing boat, under the guidance of our captain, we pick the richest fishing grounds according to the season and the weather (the “paths”, as local fishermen say).
  • Let us guide you through the art of fishing. Milos Fishing Tour welcomes you aboard!

Enjoy your fishing tour in amazing places

Visit hidden beaches
and magical waters

When you are out on a fishing trip, expect an increased appetite!

Eat what you catch aboard the boat!


Our island

Milos is also known as “the island of colours” thanks to its volcanic origin. For most people, Milos is first of all the origin of a famous statue in the Louvre, Paris: “Venus di Milo”.

Today, tourism is catching on at this fascinating, horseshoe-shaped island. Visitors enjoy more than 70 splendid and varied beaches, in an impressive palette of green and blue, and the island’s historical sights.




Adamas, Milos Island 84800, Cyclades, Greece



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