Swimming at Kleftiko

A Unique Experience


Μπάνιο στο Κλέφτικο

Swimming at Kleftiko

Swimming at Kleftiko, the famous bay called the pirates hideout is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Milos. Kleftiko is famous for its crystal clear water, magnificentent caves and imposing rock formations. The destination for several daily sailboat cruises during the summer months.

Approaching Kleftiko by boat, Kleftiko, on the southwest part of Milos island, is only accessible by boat. You cannot claim to have seen Milos island if you haven’t visited Kleftiko beach at least once.

A Kleftiko Arch and how to there. Anna Maria boat schedule daily fishing cruises. We depart from the port of Adamas or paleochori and continue along the west coast all the way to Kleftiko.

Milos Experience

Kleftiko, the sea Meteora of Greece

If you look at the rock formations in Kleftiko, you understand why they call this particular spot sea Meteora of Greece. At the pirates bay you will see a large and imposing set of impressive volcanic gray-white rocks in special formations. Like a miniature of Meteora but in the sea. The power of the sea, the air, and the time pass of the centuries created this unbelievable unique setting consisting of pits and hidden caves.

Looking for an authentic swimming experience? 


Swimming at Kleftiko in a fishing trip with Anna Maria boat. Impressive beaches of volcanic origin with crystal clear waters, platinum sandy beaches, pebble beaches, amidst white, red, gold, or black rocky settings. An unforgettable fishing swimming experience around Milos island.


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Milos Holidays

Swim in Kleftiko and enjoy the Greek hospitality

on the beautiful and unique island of Milos 

Swimming in Kleftiko and other places where we can fish
and swim on the island:

Kleftiko, Klima village, Arkoudes, Sykia cave, Sarakiniko, Gerakas, Glaronisia,
Polyegos, Antimilos, Kimolos, Arkoudes, Polonia, Sulfur Mine, Paleochori, Agia Kyriaki

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Αλιευτικός τουρισμός στη Μήλο

Swimming at Kleftiko

Small groups of 12 people

Impressive beaches at Kleftiko

Swimming in crystal clear blue waters

Swimming at Kleftiko

Daily Swimming tours
in Kleftiko with the fishing boat Anna Maria

Swimming at Kleftiko

Excursions in small groups, private tours or excursions trip by arrangement.

If you want less fishing and more swimming on the beautiful beaches of the island, we are flexible to follow your schedule.


We informs you that the tour may change due to weather conditions

Αλιευτικός τουρισμός στη Μήλο

 Small groups excursions for Swimming in Kleftiko

  • Swimming at Kleftiko, crystal waters, fantastic beaches of volcanic origin, sandy beaches, pebble beaches, white, red, gold or black rocks.


  • It will be our great pleasure to host you on our professional boat.


  • We will have an unforgettable experience! Fishing and swimming in Kleftiko.


  • A tour along the beautiful coastline with our boat.


      Το μαγευτικό Κλέφτικο της Μήλου

      With a very good mood and a big smile, we will have an unforgettable adventure.
      Milos Fishing Tour welcomes you on the boat Anna Maria.

      Milos is a volcanic island with a special geomorphology

      Impressive lunar landscapes, endless beaches and rich history worth discovering

      Swimming at Kleftiko, on the island of Milos with the professional fishing boat Anna Maria

      Our beautiful island

      It is located at the southwestern tip of the Cyclades and is an ideal destination for quiet and relaxing holidays.

      Milos is the island where the statue of Aphrodite was discovered. Milos is volcanic and has a special morphology, impressive lunar landscapes, endless beaches and rich history.

      Summer in Milos means relaxation and swimming in beautiful seas.

      From the sunset in Plaka to the landscape in Sarakiniko, the island will enchant you! As Milos is also known for its romantic landscape, many couples choose it for holidays.



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