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Beaches of Milos

The southern beaches of Paleochori, Agia Kiriaki, Tsigrado, Firiplaka, Provatas and Gerontas are mostly sandy with turquoise/aquamarine crystal-clear waters. Paleochori is probably the top sandy beach of the island with a few tavernas and cafés nearby.

All beaches on the north are situated amidst unusual rock formations, creating swimming spots that are both beautiful and strange. Parafragas and Sarakiniko are two prime examples of unique rocky settings, both definitely worth a visit.


Kleftiko is an impressive spot accessible only by sea. At first sight, the place may look familiar as it appears on most travel guides about Milos.

The rock formations spring up from the sea, creating natural caves and rare shapes. Kleftiko is frequently paralleled to Meteora in central Greece, a group of natural pillars forming a unique landscape.

According to the legend, one of the caves in Kleftiko was a pirate hideaway that hosted a hidden treasure, which was never unearthed. The water in Kleftiko is crystal-clear and people love to dive here from their tour boats.

Another impressive spot, geologically similar to Kleftiko and in close distance, is Gerontas.


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Sykia Cave

This cave was once closed, but its top collapsed some time in the past.

It is now a beautiful round cave with a round opening on top that offers a view to the sky.

Inside, there is a small cute corner with stones, a miniature beach of sorts. Visitors access the cave by boat only.

Most boat tours going to Kleftiko make a stop in front of the cave. Swimming is permitted inside the cave, but since it’s always shady and deep, the water here is very cold!



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