Fish & Swim in Milos

Welcome aboard


Enjoy a day of fishing and swimming
with your friends or family

Discover the hidden gems of Milos
Visit amazing beaches with magical waters

Our professional fishing boat

Anna Maria

Fishing and SwimmingThe fishing vessel Anna Maria was manufactured in December 2013 in Lavrio, at Saronic Boats shipyard. It is 10 metres long and 3.70 metres wide and made of polyester.
Our boat is equipped with two motors and bilge keels to ensure stability. It can reach a speed of 15 mph and can accommodate 12 visitors (including a two-person crew).

In addition, it carries all required safety equipment, such as 3 marine VHFs, auto pilot, radar, GPS, depth finder, and life jackets.
Onboard facilities include a toilet, a kitchenette, three beds, and a ladder to easily climb aboard after a swim, making your journey safe and comfortable. Last but not least, a large sunshade for protection!

Enjoy your fishing tour

in amazing places,

hidden beaches and magical waters

Milos Fishing Tour

A small family business

Fishing trips are a form of alternative tourism currently flourishing in Greece. We guide our visitors on a tour around Milos and help them get acquainted with the experience of fishing.

Fishing for us has been a family tradition spanning four generations. Now the time has come to open a new chapter, one that combines tourism and fishing.

Sail with Captain Kyriakos and his daughter Tina in endless blue waters! These memories will last a lifetime!

Milos Fishing Tour offers:

  • Small group tours

  • Private tours

  • Tours on request / adjustable to your needs

Ask for it and we will arrange for less fishing and more sightseeing or private swimming at beautiful beaches around the island.

Captain Kyriakos and Tina will provide everything you need for fishing 


Many years of experience

Traditional fishing trips around Milos

Fishing in Milos is an experience you can’t miss!
Try fishing with rods or watch longline fishing (tell us beforehand) with experienced fisherman Captain Kyriakos.

We provide all necessary fishing equipment. 

Our fishing trips

·     Catch fish with safety

·     Fishing tours suitable for all ages and skill levels

·     Frequent stops for a swim




Less people, more fun

Fishing and Swimming tours in small groups (up to 12 persons)


Our scheduled fishing tours in small groups (up to 12 persons) guarantee that you’ll have plenty of attention from your guide.

Explore the beauty of our island, take a swim, fish and then eat what your catch aboard Anna Maria boat.

Enjoy a cruise around the beautiful island of Milos, with fresh food and drinks on board.


Enjoy your fishing tour in amazing places

Visit hidden beaches and magical waters

Impressive beaches

Swimming in crystal-clear blue waters

  • Fishing and Swimming is a unique experience that you have to try!
  • Amazing natural settings.
  • Spend a day at sea gazing at colourful rock formations.
  • We take care of every little thing for you.
  • All you have to do is show up and enjoy your fishing day!
Fishing and Swimming

When you are out on a Fishing and Swimming, expect an increased appetite!

Eat what you catch aboard the boat – it can’t get better!


We cook !

Taste fresh fish like never before!

We prepare for you ”Cacavia” or grilled fish.
Cacavia is a traditional Greek recipe, a soup made with fresh fish only.

The best companion to fish is the famous authentic Greek salad, also known as “village salad” (in Greek: Horiatiki) and other traditional plates as well.

Wine, beer, refreshments and mineral water are available on board.

Fresh fruit is served after the meal.


Fishing and Swimming with Anna Maria fishing boat

Milos main port Adamas, street view


Let’s go Fishing and Swimming



Adamas, Milos Island 84800, Cyclades, Greece



+30 6978995571